Thursday, April 29, 2010

Award Categories & a Video / Photo Contest!

Let me tell you what’s happening next week everyone!!! There are 2 parts to the Anipal Academy Awards:

1) The first part is the PUBLIC VOTE

You’ll be able to vote in 10 categories:

1. Coolest cat

2. Coolest dog

3. Coolest other

4. Coolest hooman

5. Funniest over all

6. Kind hearted

7. Most creative

8. Best avatar

9. Coolest newbie

10. Most likely to take over the world
OR: You can write in your choice

2) The second part of the awards is the VIDEO / PHOTO CONTEST

Anyone can submit a video or photo for consideration. These submissions will be judged by our celebrity judges: @Boriskitty, @BZTAT, @MizzBassie, @Puppyaguineapig, @ShibberingC and @Zackrabbit.

Categories for the video / photo awards include:
- Best Action Sequence
- Best stills photography
- Best Camera Man or Woman
- Worst Performance in a Video
- Best Props department
- Best Set makers
- Best Staff
- Best Make-Up Artist

You can submit your video (provide a link & very short description of the video) / photo to this email address Please remember to include your twitter name in your email.

Voting for the poll and the contest will start May 7th.

The winners will be announced at the awards pawty (date yet to be determined).