Thursday, April 15, 2010

An Exciting New Endeavor!!!

A few days ago my very best Doggie friend, and #FunPawty co-host AutumnTheDoxie approached me with the Idea to hold an ANIPAL Academy Awards show and afterPawty. What an idea!!!

We've got so many anipals with various talents. Of course we have FrugalDougal who is a charity mastermind, we have anipals like AlbertTheCat and CathyKeisha and GeorgeTheDuck etc who have brilliant blogs. We have hilarious anipals like AlbertTheCat (again), RosieAndCheeto, kittehboi, and so many more.

We have anipals that kinda help look out for the rest of us and organize things like FlaCatlady10, MaggieTKat BunnyJeanCook, SnowWhiteCat, KingTuttiFruiti, GeorgeTheDuck etc.

Of course lets not forget the crew that helps mourning pet parents and the anipals at Rainbow Bridge. PepiSmartDog, _Bill_the_Cat, R0o, PuzTheCat, RudyCKat etc.

There are so many anipals, of so many different talents, that we are gonna come up with a way to have nominations, voting, an awards Pawty and of course a raucous after Pawty.

We haven't yet figured out how it's all gonna work, but we know it's gonna be fun!!!!!!!

Tiger Tommy (TheNascarKitty)

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  1. Hi I'm a twitter anipal that has been on twitter for well over a year. I have a decent following of over 1000 followers/friends, and feel I need to tell all of you something: Your popularity contests, self promotions, and declared "ownership" of our community is ruining it for a lot of anipals.

    Twitter is a great social media tool, I get that. What I don't get is how the constant push to build a social hierarchy within the anipal community is beneficial to the community as a whole. I log on to twitter to visit with furiends, and help raise funds/awareness for animal causes, not to vote you or your friends.

    That's all.