Saturday, May 8, 2010

Important info on Rainbow Bridge polls!

Twitter Welcomes us to join their Anipal Academy Awards.
*everyone throw their toys in the air in Celebration !*
Woot ! Woot !
Twitter PalsFriends Brofursand Sisfurs and even Cousins !
If you know someone Over The Rainbow Bridge, it's time to Honor them

We want to give some insight behind the concept of the Rainbow Bridge Polls! These are Open Poll only, meaning anipals are free to submit ANYONE AT RAINBOW BRIDGE for nomination instead of voting for the committee selections. We'd also like to invite anipals and their hoomans to send us the following info via email:

- note the submission is for the rainbow bridge in the email title
- twitter name of the anipal (if NOT on Twitter, please list a Tweeter to contact about them if necessary. )
- photo(s) of the anipal and the reason you love the photo.
NOTE: You may send photos to honour ANY RB pals. The photos you submit do not have to be connected to a vote they can just be to commemorate someone you love. You do not need to send in a photo for your vote to count however if you have one that's pawfect!
Please send the above info to the Anipal Academy Awards Executive Director:

We will be making up a separate page for all the Rainbow Bridge nominees so we may all enjoy and celebrate each other. *UPDATE* Here is the link for the Rainbow Bridge page:

Thank you much!

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