Sunday, May 9, 2010


It's time to vote. We have a SEPERATE dedicated voting site. It can be found at . There are tabs on top to take you to the page you want.

For the main voting page, you can scroll through each catagory and pick the nominee you like. Check that nominee and click vote. There are also 3 Anipal Choice Catagories. On those, you just type in the Twitter name of the anipal you like and hit send. There is also a write in section for amy anipals you wish to nominate for ANY catagory. Simply type the twitter name and the catagory and send.

If you feel like sending in a photo of ANY anipal you are voting for, in any catagory, we'll add it to the slide show, & possible to the picture page. Please send these to: and put the subject line PHOTO. If you wish to write an explanation why you voted for an anipal, we'd love to hear, and maybe publish it too.

Below this post, you'll see another about the OVER THE RAINBOW BRIDGE voting. This is entirely open voting. Submit ANY anipal at Rainbow Bridge. Even if they're not on Twitter.

To aid you, we've put a list of 0 plus of the more active RainbowBridge tweeters over on the right hand side.

Thanks for voting. Please ask friends to get involved.

Tiger Tommy (@TheNascarKitty ) Event-ChairKitty.

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