Monday, August 30, 2010

2010 Best Camera Woman Winner

Thank you to the judges: @BorisKitty, @BZTAT, @MizzBassie, @Puppyaguineapig, @ShibberingC and @ZackRabbit! And thank you to everybody who has enjoyed our so far! There’s more on the way! Once we found ourselves dumped into a glass recycling bin. It was very dark and scary out there. Today we’re standing here in the spotlights holding a beautiful award in our paws and receiving unconditional love. We thank mom, Uncle B, Auntie T, our canine Auntie L., our grandpurrents and our furriends! Smoochies to all of you!

Check out their blog at 
They had the very FIRST list of winners up, and still most complete. Thanks grrls!! Congratulations!!

Acceptance Video at:  


  1. I'm very relieved and happy you were rescued from the glass recycling bin. Thanks for sharing all your youtube videos with us

  2. I'm happy you were rescued too - it's still hard to fatham anyone throwing kittens in a dumster. You have a great video and I always enjoy seeing them.