Saturday, October 22, 2011

TIME TO VOTE: General Award and Photo & Video Categories

Based on yer recommendations the official Anipal Award nominations have been selected. Now it's time for yoo to vote for yer favorite in each category.

For General Categories Click HERE
For Photo and Video Categories Click HERE

~Please cast only one vote per category~
Details for the ceremonies and after pawty are coming soon so keep checking back!
Disclaimer: The Anipal Academy Awards are just for fun. Do not feel slighted if you are not nominated or recognized, or if you don't win an award. All anipals are important members of our community and every one of you are appreciated for the crazy animal lovers that you are! We wish we could nominate you all.
*Nomination note: in order for an anipal's nomination to qualify they must receive more than one nomination and be known to at least one committee member. In the event of a tie the committee will vote to break the tie and choose one winner* 
 Please just have fun and enjoy the Awards!

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