Saturday, May 19, 2012

2012 AAAC Graphics Recognition

A HUGE thank you to all of the Anipals who go above and beyond to bring us such beautifully creative graphics. Without you our pawties wouldn't be nearly as imaginative, colorful and exciting.


List of graphically talented anipals in no particular order

@TinyPearlCat #Nipclub Blog Master  LOOK HERE

@FreshOtis #LakeWithPetie   LOOK HERE

@JessieJaney Anipal Avatar Creator  LOOK HERE

@PuppyNumber7 Anipal Avatar Creator  LOOK HERE

@SkeeterTheTabby Angel Petie Avatar Creator  LOOK HERE

@TattleCat Angel Petie Avatar Creator   LOOK HERE

@RealFakeGator #Nipclub Outfitter  LOOK HERE and HERE

@Supernatural808 Anipal Avatar Creator  LOOK HERE

@JavaTheCat #PawPawty Menu Creator & #AAAC Logo Designer  LOOK HERE

@GloGirly Twitter avatar & background creator 


@DanaPixie Anipal event planner & #AAAC Pic Creator  LOOK HERE and HERE

@BadAndy_KityKat #CarniePawty Creator LOOK HERE

@OllyTed #TeddyOlympicsCreator   LOOK HERE

@MarshallSheldon #TeddyOlympicsCreator  LOOK HERE

@SpencerTeddy #TeddyOlympicsCreator   LOOK HERE

@Flicka47 Cookie Cafe Creator & #Nipclub Kitchen   


@Dogstoyevsky #WigglePawty Creator  LOOK HERE

@HollieCatRocks Anipal avatar creator  LOOK HERE

@PepiSmartDog  Rainbow Bridge ambassador LOOK HERE and HERE

@MaimeCat #Nipclub Pawsonalised Membership creator   LOOK HERE

@GeorgetheDuck Anipal Event planner extraordinare 


@KittehBoi Blog whiz & anipal avatar creator LOOK HERE

@Henryandfriends #Keepfits LOOK HERE

@Zackrabbit #cookinwifrabbitsLOOK HERE

@BorisKitty #ScifiPawty Creator  LOOK HERE  and HERE 

@CathyKeisha Blog Whiz  LOOK HERE and HERE

@MrTibbsatAP #WLF avatar creator LOOK HERE 

@ArtedUp Anipal avatar creator LOOK HERE

@ChatteMuse Over the Rainbow Bridge Artwork


@TrailerParkDogs @ShibberingC Graphics & blog


@CokieTheCat #AAAC Photo & Video Blog LOOK HERE 

@Mariodacat #Nipclub Ski trip LOOK HERE

@MizzBassie Designer to the anipals LOOK HERE 


@Whatdoingdugal #WIGITUP


@PumpkinPuddy #WCLWP Winter Carnival Lake with Petie LOOK HERE

@Mogsbear #Caykclub LOOK HERE 

@Kyba #BalloonTrip LOOK HERE

@JanisFelidae Catonauts LOOK HERE

@Meow_Girls Anipal Avatar Creators LOOK HERE

@Flacatlady #Nipclub Creator & Proprietor LOOK HERE 

 @TheNascarKitty #AAAC Co-Chair & #Nipclub manager 


It is important to note that this list is NOT complete. We are fully aware that there are many who deserve to be recognized. We will add more names/stars as anipals tell us about their talented furends. See below for instructions on how to nominate a graphic artist for a star.
Also, be sure to check us out on Facebook  where we have lots of photos posted from the 2011 Awards and more! 

**How to nominate a graphically talented anipal for a star** DM us at @AnipalAwards letting us know the twitter name of the anipal that deserves recognition. 


  1. Congrats to all you talented folks (and four-leggeds) who make us all look good!

  2. Thank you so much to everyone for making the graphics recognition pawty a success! So much fun & a chance to see how talented our fellow anipals are! *wiener wiggles*