Friday, April 27, 2012

#AAAC is Honoring Graphic Artists!!!

Do you know a pal  who does great graphics for blogs and pawties? We're not talking about anipals who do great avi's and fun pictures, but anipals who are FAMOUS for their Graphic ability on our blogs, web pages, pawties, etc.

Anipals like the famous, incomparable @TinyPearlCat who never ceases to amaze the pals of #NipClub and #AAAC, and so many other blogs!!

And Anipals like @BadAndy_KityKat who always makes us giggle with his comedy pictures and his super graphic work at places like #CarniPawty and #NipClub

And Anipals like @Kittehboi who have blogs that are really greatly designed and some really  brilliant pictures!!

And anipals like @DanaPixie, @JessieJaney, @HollieCatRocks, @RealFakeGator who help our anipals get dressed up and accessorized for pawties and weddings!!

And Anipals like @Flicka47 and @JazzyDaCat & @JavaTheCat who's menu's for pawties is more than just cool pictures, but are also ingenious works of graphic art....

Anipals like @GeorgeTheDuck, @TheNascarKitty,  @CokieTheCat, @PepiSmartDog etc who make their blogs and events more enjoyable with put custom made pictures and graphics....

Anipals like @MattieDog & @TheShibberingC's who have become larger than life because of their great graphics....

The are soooooooooo many, I've just names a few....but we want to honor as many of them as we can with a special #Anipal Academy Awards Pawty   at #NipClub  on May 19th, 2012 in conjunction with our great sponsor @BlogPaws and with our pals at #NipClub hosting the pawty and providing catering and entertainment!!


We need your Help!!!!!!!!

We don't want to miss anybody. Please use the comment section to send us the names of Twitter graphic artists we should honor. Please look through the list before you name somebody if you can to keep the amount of repeats low, and if you can included a link to a sample of their work!! The first comment below for @TinyPearlCat & @TheNascarKitty is an example what to do! (Please, try not to post duplicates if you can).  

Thanks!! And stay tuned for info on the pawty!!!!!

@TheNascarKitty and @AutumnTheDoxie #AAAC Chairpersons.