2011 Committee Members

Chair kitteh and program director 
Unofficial cat of Nascar. Official cat of my Daddy, @WisSmokeFan. Ferocious friend and funny feline. I love @DCKitty!! #Nipclub manager

Event Creator, Chair Doggie, & Administration Executive
A ~Wiggly~ wiener just having fun with my anipals. I LOVE to DJ at pawties & help my furends. My fursibs are @BigDog_Bear & Piper. My Mummy is @Persephoneie.
This year I am also one of the pets in charge on the BarkWorld planning committee. 

2010 Founding member
Jeego was adopted from a shelter in 2008 as a kitten. A siamese two face with blue eyes, and the queen of her house. A regular at #Nipclub, she loves to pawty for charity

2010 Founding Member
I'm a very friendly, 6 year old tuxedo/moggie toothless kittie who was rescued 2 1/2 years ago after being turned into our local shelter. I love my oomans, twitter pals, and blogger pals. Most thursday nights you can find me tending bar at #Nipclub where my pals hang out. 

Over The Rainbow Bridge Program Producer 
Official poster boy for the @AWLQ Animal shelter, representing all golden oldies; appearing in magazines, etc. Global multi media celebrity! Was 18 years old when I crossed OTRB. Now I meet pals at rainbow bridge in my pram! 

Public Relations 
We are Tippy (Calico) and Penelope (gray & white) who are known on twitter as Meow_Girls. We're both shelter kittehs who had humans before we were adopted into our furever home. We did not come from the same shelter, and we are not blood sisters. We are sisters because we are together for life now. We watch over each with a few good thwocks thrown in for good measure. Our humans have given us a good life with lots of noms and toys. And yes, lots of cuddles. We love our anipal furends on twitter and are looking forward to being part of the anipal academy awards committee. It's the first time for us and we hear it's lots of fun.

Head Comedy writer, Program  Producer
I am a handsome MANCAT found on the streets of Miami in 2000. I now live in Chicago. I'm real good at whacking stuff off counters, I make enormously stinkie stinkies, and I have plans to take over the world. As soon as I purrfect my prostetik opposable thumbs that I've been working on in my lab under the bed.

IT, Graphics & Audio/Visual Expert
I'm now 5 years old. I was born under the house to a feral, then later as Mommy cat got used to the new humans she turned us in. I was almost given to the human's friend, but luckily the lady cat of the house adopted me and wouldn't let me go. I have 6 claws on each front paw and 5 claws on each back paw. Silver dilute tortie colour, about 14 pounds. 
Currently I write for the anipal times writing gadget articles, and work at #Nipclub as barktender manager, and some of the blog design, and I also enjoy helping with pawties on twitter. 
I love treats, playing, and naps in the sunlight. When humans come over to visit I go right up to them and check them out, then I will show off by fetching small crumbles paper balls. 

WELCOME!! 2011 Committee member
Animal/Anipal lover, 2010 #AAAC coolest human, runner, cyclist, skier, '09 Boston and '10 Maratona d'les dolomites finisher

WELCOME!! 2011 Committee member
Hollywood insider Cokie the Cat is producing this year's Photo & Video Awards.
Cokie's a 17 year old flame point Ragdoll cat who lives in Hollywood, California, where he's often mistaken for actor Daniel Craig. Co-founder of The Anipal Times & husband of @JazzydaCat, Cokie wears pants (srsly), blogs at cokiethecat.com, and sometimes talks about himself in the third feline.
He's your man cat.

I am a Maine Coon tortie with a tude, but sweet

An adventurous, smart, and absolutely lovely bichon frise