Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What to wear? What to wear? Ahhhh........

With the Anipal Acadamy Awards coming up are yoo scrambuling to find that PURRFEKT outfit to wear on the
Have no fear cause we are here to help. 

Here are some great designers we suggest...

The possibilities are endless with this grate website ...errr, designer that is free and will help yoo keep up-to-date with the most fashionbul owtfits.
I've heard that the classics are back so mite sport a tux
(also known as my penguin suit)

If yoo are more computer inclined, mite we suggest yoo dazzle the red carpet using designer SeƱor Fotoshop
Here is Pepi (@Pepismartdog) sporting his faaaabyoolous style at the awards last year
And of course there is Daffy (@Nocrybabydogs) dazzling in pink

If all else fails and yoo find yourself in a pickle (why yoo would jump into a pickle is beyond us) please consider asking our TOP anipal designers for help
  • Dana beautypants Pixie (@danapixie)
  • MArio the toofless stallion Cat (@mariodacat)
  • Meow mrawr-thare-hot girls  (@meowgirls)
  • Autumn wiener wiggle Doxie (@autumnthedoxie)
But remember our all-star designers are vary busy this time of year so them ASAP as there schedule fills up quick

Prepared by Cheeto of RosieandCheeto

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