Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dates and Tentative Times!!!!!

OMC!!!!! We can finally tell you the GREAT news!!!! We've teamed up with the great @FrugalDougal and #PawPawty to hold our Ceremony!!! And it's grown so big that we're going to stretch it over 2 days!!!!

On July 16th #NipClub has kindly offered to open on a special day to hold our Red Carpet Fashion Show. It'll begin mid afternoon (US Eastern Time) and go into the evening. Anipals can show off their haute-couture fashion wear on our Red Carpet. Complete with several cutting edge Red Carpet reporters!!  That evening we'll also be honoring Anipals Authors and Artists with a presentation by the lovely and gracious @MaggieTKat!!

Several other fun Awards will be given out that night...including Most Creative Use of Nudity As A Life Style And also As an ArtForm, and other fun awards.

Then on Saturday July 17th, about 3 hours into #PawPawty, we will begin our ceremony. For best viewing please get used to using If you are NOT used to tweetgrid, we will have a tutorial here, and our staff will help you anytime. We'll start with the Video/Photo awards, then get right into the Academy Awards. (There will be a special musical performance or two from @TheShibberingCheetos).

After all the Awards are handed out, we'll spend about 2 hours pawtying and congratulating the winners and then @MarioDaCat will help @PepiSmartDog open the hour long tribute to OverTheRainbowBridge.

Thanks for all of your support. This will be an annual event, and we will hold several honors events throughout the year for special anipals, and the Academy Awards every summer.


Tiger Tommy, @TheNascarKitty


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  2. he he - did a typo on the original comment. Can't have that, so I deleted.

    ooooo I'm getting so excited. This is going to be such a fun and exciting event with surprises along the way. Can't wait to see who all the winners are and to see all the fabulous dresses. All those bootiful ladies & handsome men dressed up in their finest. See you there pal.

  3. How fun!!
    Doggies and Stuff can't wait!

  4. DUSTY: We're so excited about Anipal Academy Awards! Especially seeing the pretty ladies all dressed up in their finery!
    HURLEY: I think Scribes gonna give us makeovers before our photo shoot! *running figure 8's* Yippee!
    DUSTY: "Make overs" means "BATHS".
    HURLEY: What? *stops, gasps* Yikes!!

  5. I am so excited to see everyone's designer duds and for us all to finally enjoy all the hard work we have put in!!

  6. Wow, so exciting! We can hardly wait to see all the outfits (& of course the winners).

  7. Chewing our paws with anticipation!!!
    very exciting.

    Kritter Kommunity