Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Anipal Achievement Awards

Friday night ceremonies for the Anipal Academy Awards will honor anipals who work very hard to support charities, educate us and help us have fun. Bartenders, dj's, quizzers, and sekurity for #pawpawty and #nipclub will be recognized. The staff from Anipal Times will be thanked. Other examples of anipal achievements are detailed below and I NEED Your Help!

The categories that I need your input are:
1. Artists:  those who use their art to spread the word about anipal rescues. Example is @Bztat.
2. Fundraisers: anipals sponsor pawties or auctions to support anipal rescue efforts. Examples are Shibbering Cheetos, #NipClub, @HemingswayCat for #SpookyShorty
3. Morale Boosters: Something just for fun to lift our spirits like PetChat, CarniePawty
 and WigglePawty.

4. AV Creators: We have a number of anipals and humans
 who make outstanding AV's for us. I can think of @Danapixie,@FreshOtis and @mariodacat.

 If anyone would like to nominate an anipal deserving of an achievement award, please email MaggieTKat. Please include the anipal's name and why they deserve the award.

Anipal Achievement Award Coordinator

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