Thursday, August 5, 2010

Anipal's Choice:Favourite Anipal 2010 Winner

this dus be my fifty fowsunf tweet an is egstra prowd mowmunt wot i share wiv my frends. fank yoo .. i luvs yoo al an it dus mayk me eevun mor appy than i always is to aksept award from anipal academy.

 they did lots of ard werk for us al an it wos trooly amayzin. so i say big fank yoo to them an fank yoo to th sponsas aswel for th trowfys for al th winnas.

 aktly we is al winnas cos wivowt al th anipals nun of this wud appun. i share my trowfy wiv yoo al cos yoo dus al be werf it. fank yoo evrrywun.

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  1. Oh henry - dat is such a pawsome cute picture of you. Congratulations buddy.