Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Develop Yer Own Fashion Style

The BIG evening is coming up in the next cupple of months and YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WARE!!! This is a problum, a BIG problem. What do yoo do? Here are some suggestions…

Mite we suggest yoo go with the classik monkie suit Cheeto is modeling here. My monkie suit was done by the famous designur Senor fotoshop. I’m sure many anipals will be wearing his suits and dresses this year.


If yoo don’t have Senor Fotoshop on speed-dial mite we suggest yoo go an alternate route. Rosie is modeling an owtfit from a new, up-in-coming designur named Ms. FaceinHole. She doesn’t charge and all yoo need is a jpg picture of yerself.

Last but not leest yoo can ultilize yer closet to come up with the very hottest fashions! Owr good friend @DaisyTheCat has a vary popular blog and she regularlie dresses up in fancy stuff. Here she is modeling a leapard owtfit. Please note: she has been modeling fur years so she is a pro!

Always remember, Nothing is more importunt than style….except fur food, making stinkies, getting loved by yer hyooman, sleeping and ruff-housing.

Have a grate time getting dressed up fur this spektacular event!
-Rosie and Cheeto


  1. Don't furget biting and scratching soft human flesh. That's important too. You have a great fashion sense that I admire. I'm sure I'll find the purrfect outfit if I win.

  2. Wow - Anipal Academy Awards - guess I'd better go shopping for something extra special for dat night. Looks like anything goes too. Love dat kind of pawty.

  3. I guess I better go shopping too, to look extra nice! How exciting! xx

  4. Great articul, I iz goin to Paris to shop!