Friday, April 16, 2010

The journey begins

This really all started a few weeks ago. It was just after a nip pawty the kittehs threw. One of those fur optional, bacon beer and niptini filled afternoons. My Mum had to work though so I couldn't be there. I was really disappointed I missed it so the next week I suggested to Kingtuttifruiti and TheNascarKitty (who are my bestest kitteh furrends) that we throw a Good friday pawty. #FUNpawty was spontaneous and informal, and so much FUN! (Thanks again to all the anipals who helped make that pawty rock!!) The pawty went for 16 hours and it was so much fun to co-host with TheNascarKitty. We HAD to do it again!!

Since then I've been tweeting, pawtying, and doing my dogggie thing. The other day as I was voting for our furrends on the twitter wall it just came to me. We have so many furrends with different talents it would be fun to recognize each other for the things we do. Whether we make others laugh, help organize, write blogs, make movies, help our furrends on the journey to rainbow bridge, or are just a good furrend to have we all do something to help one another.
Now we will have the opportunity to shine and show one another how much we appreciate what we do for each other and animals everywhere, no matter how small or how big what we do is.

Now the journey begins.....



  1. What a very nice idea. Everyone has a special talent of some sort. Some of those talents quietly hidden away and not easily seen unless you look for them. I vote - go for it.

  2. Let me know more as dis pwogwesses so I can get info in to da Anipal Times ( #Pawty section and Event Calendar!

    Fank U!

  3. Mattiedog we will definitely update you as things progress. Thanks so much!

  4. You guys are doing an amazing job! This is a wonderful idea to have all the anipals together. xx

  5. I am so excited bout this! Anipals start workin on your speeches! "I'd like to thank da academy..." BOL!