Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2010 Coolest Newbie

"Thank you so much! I am honored to be a member of the anipal community. You are all so wonderful to have welcomed this little hippo girl into the family.

I accept this award in the name of the new anipals of all shapes & sizes who join Twitter each day! I have found friendship, inspiration, & fun here & I know you will, too!

Thank you all so very much!"

2010 Coolest Doggie

*runs up to stage* *high fives fwiends along the way* *steps up to the microphone, bends it down to speak* Wow, thank you eberyone! I am so humbled just to be nominated, but to win the Coolest Dog on Twitter, well that's just *gets choked up* well, that's just awesome! *Lifts award over head*  I'd first like to thank all of you for voting for me, and all my fwiends for laughing at my jokes and just well..... for putting up wif me.  Oh and I'd like to thank my momma *waves at the camera,* look ma, I won!!!

Well, I see them telling me to wrap it up, so I'd like to thank the Academy for all their hard work!  Thanks eberyone, you really have touched my widdle heart!  Blessings all!! *walks off stage* *10 seconds pass* *runs back up on stage* *takes mic* Oh! and pwease remember to ask all your human fwiends to consider adopting an animal, we adoptees make some awesome fuzzy fwiends!  Fank U! *runs off stage with awards clasped in paw over head* *grabs awards pwesenter and plants a smoochie on her!*

Friday, October 1, 2010

2010 Funniest & Anipal's Choice Giggle Instigator Winner

We are so honored to receive such a grate honor from such honorable anipals! 

Furst off, we'd like to thank all the voters who pushed "Vote" fur us with thare paws, beaks, noses, claws and nubbins. Yoo all will be furst on the list of opposable protetik thumb beta testers.

Sekondlie, we'd like to thank the acatamy fur making this the best day we've evur had! Yoo all really owtdid yerself and raised a squillion dollars fur a grate cause!

Lastlie, we'd like to thank owr momma who got boinked by owr daddy and gave burth to us next to an apartment complex pool in Miami. Withowt yer promisquety we would have nevur be borned.

Thank yoo! Thank yoo! Thank yoo!

2010 Most Kind Hearted

Hello there friends.  I want to thank those who nominated me and voted for me as “Most Kind Hearted”.  It came as quite a shock to me when I heard I had been nominated and I am honored to share this award with my dear friend @Mariodacat.  Thank you to all who put together the Anipal Academy Awards.  Your hard work and dedication really showed throughout the entire event.  It was am amazing event.  Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  P.S. I think we should have a “Biggest Flirt” category next year.  I think I have a good shot at winning that award. Again, Thank you all.

2010 Anipal's Choice Favourite Blog

"My Lords, Ladies, Gentlemen, Cats, and I suppose I have to include dogs, apart from that nasty little Jack Russell that lives next door, unaccustomed as I am to public speaking, let me say that the award is a well deserved recognition for the pearls of wisdom that I regularly bestow upon you lot. 
"To keep in their good books, I must thank the Academy for recognizing great literary talent like what I've got. At this stage, I should also offer thanks to others who have helped make this moment possible, but I can't think of any. A passing mention is in order to the one I don't trust for the occasional prawn, and for the pretty one for keeping him in order. As for my poncy brother and stupid sister, I just hope they realise how lucky they are to have me looking after them. 
"Finally, a big thank you to all my readers for their loyal support - all three of you. To finish, I accept this belated and thoroughly merited award with all the modesty you would expect from a superstar like what I am. You make me feel very humble - whatever that means. Good night and God bless"

There are more pictures, and a full description of the momentous occasion on Albert's blog:

2010 Best Props Department

I'd like to thank the Academy for this beautiful Award! It's perfect for scratching that place on my cheeks that just always seems to need attention and looks great on mom's desk above the computer. I must also thank Dad, since he is the Prop Master; Mama, my director; cat behaviourist Jackson Galaxy for recommending "Da Bird," even/especially for older guys like me; and finally GO-CAT Feather Toys at for inventing "Da Bird!"

Thank you!!!  
Cokie the Cat

2010 Coolest Human

OHMYGOSH!! I am so honored to be chosen the Coolest Human by the Anipal Academy. It's so special to me to have been selected by the anipal community!
But every human that was nominated is the 'coolest human' because all of them are involved in the Anipal Community in some way.
All my anipals are very special and important to me. I want you all happy and healthy. Which is why I maintain the #pawcircle blog and I tweet #pawcircle so much. I hope that this is a place and service where friends can find the anipals that need our good thoughts and anipals can find solace and know they are cared about.
The anipal community has become my family and with all of you I share my cycling/running/sporty activities.
I was so glad to be able to share my trip to Italy with all of you through the photos I tweeted. And if there are any out there that didn't get to see them (beware! there are lots!) let me know! LOL
My involvement in the anipal community is very important to me and I am so honored to be a part of it, let alone win an award!
Thank you all so much!

2010 Most Kind Hearted

WOW, I’m still quite overwhelmed from co-winning the “Most Kind Hearted” award this weekend at the AnnualAnipalAcademyAwards show.  I’d like to thank the Academy for even nominating me. That is quite an honor for a little kitty just to be nominated. 
I’m thrilled that @ForeverGinger also won because I felt she should have taken it hands (or paws) down.  If ever anyone was deserving of this honor, it’s Ginger.  In fact, all of the Nominees are very deserving.  So, I’m accepting this award with great pride and on behalf of all the Nominees – they are all winners in my book!!  You all ROCK! 

Monday, August 30, 2010

2010 Best Camera Woman Winner

Thank you to the judges: @BorisKitty, @BZTAT, @MizzBassie, @Puppyaguineapig, @ShibberingC and @ZackRabbit! And thank you to everybody who has enjoyed our so far! There’s more on the way! Once we found ourselves dumped into a glass recycling bin. It was very dark and scary out there. Today we’re standing here in the spotlights holding a beautiful award in our paws and receiving unconditional love. We thank mom, Uncle B, Auntie T, our canine Auntie L., our grandpurrents and our furriends! Smoochies to all of you!

Check out their blog at 
They had the very FIRST list of winners up, and still most complete. Thanks grrls!! Congratulations!!

Acceptance Video at:  

2010 Worst Purrformance in a video Winner

Meowzers!  My very own Acceptance Speech! [Person, you taking dictation?] 

*clears throat* (pause) *runs through a few test yowls to warm up voice*  MIMIMIMIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! 
*taps mike* (Person: Ryker, stop it. That really gets on the audio tech's nerves. Trust me on this.)
*glares at Person* (pause) *turns back on Person and studiously IGNORES her* (Sighhhh...good help, SO hard to find these days!)


"Thanks you, thanks you... it's such an honor to be recognized for such an achievement. People think it's easy to win the title, "Worst Purrformance in a Video," but let me tell you, it's taken many long, difficult months' worth of rigorous training and refinement to achieve such a coveted goal!

I have to thank @Allie_Kitti for being my inspiration. She was always there (always, incessantly, omnipresently, ANNOYINGLY there) biting, clawing, pouncing and stalking me...driving me to the height of perfection.
*bows to Allie...from a respectful distance* I think it's fair to say, Allie, that without you there would be no Anipal Academy Award for this Tonk!

To the Academy, who had the Good Taste to see through the surface yowls to the tormented soul that lay beneath such a memorable diatribe and recognize my Star Qualities....I thank you, one and all.

And finally, to my Person. Without your catering to my every whim, indulging me shamelessly and basically spoiling me beyond rotten, I would never have developed such a demanding yowl.  For all the (many) days you worked late and I greeted you with an affronted wail (at the top of my lungs)... for all the occasions where I tested your response time by demanding treats at 120 decibels (whaddaya mean, that's the threshold of pain? Humans. SUCH wimps. Rilly.) ...
I humbly thank you.

Hark! Is that my Agent calling? Must run, my Adoring Fans await...."

<<<>>>> ooooooh! *squeal!* SPOTLIGHTS! Paparazzi! Just what a Girl NEEDS to feel Special and GLAM! *bats eyes and arranges pink toenails for optimum camera angle* Is this my best side, Dame? Is it? Is it? *giggle* 

What? They're not here for MEEEE? This is all for Ryker?!?!? ooooooooooooohhhhhhh.... <<<<>>>>

[Ryker's Person here:  sorry guys, interview's over, gotta go avert- *CRASH! HISS! YOWWWWWWL!* ....disaster.... ] 

Thursday, August 5, 2010

2010 Favourite Other Winner

WOW!! Thank you efurryone!! I am so deeply honoured to be receiving dis award!!

thx2 all of u dat supportd me & encouraged me &
made my crazy creations possible! this if for

Zackary: *choked up w/ tears* I can't express in
140chr how much dis means! Rufus: YOINK!! hee

ALL!! XOXOX  (dis thing is pretty heavy!!)

Anipal's Choice:Favourite Anipal 2010 Winner

this dus be my fifty fowsunf tweet an is egstra prowd mowmunt wot i share wiv my frends. fank yoo .. i luvs yoo al an it dus mayk me eevun mor appy than i always is to aksept award from anipal academy.

 they did lots of ard werk for us al an it wos trooly amayzin. so i say big fank yoo to them an fank yoo to th sponsas aswel for th trowfys for al th winnas.

 aktly we is al winnas cos wivowt al th anipals nun of this wud appun. i share my trowfy wiv yoo al cos yoo dus al be werf it. fank yoo evrrywun.

And the winners are......

And the winners are.....
All of us at the #AAAC would like to say once again congratulations to all of the 2010 winners, nominees, and of course the anipal community. Without all of you none of this would be possible. 
Due to time constraints during the ceremony our winners had to hold onto their acceptance speeches...We would like to thank them for their patience and understanding. We will be posting their photo’s and acceptance speeches here on our blog and on our facebook page. 

Monday, July 19, 2010

Thanks Anipal Community for a Smashing Success!

This years Anipal Academy Awards Ceremony is in the books. The Red Carpet is rolled up, the auditorium is empty, the anipals are all at home relaxing. But the good feelings, camaraderie, fun, live on. 

Our organization was put together to honor all Anipals and the close knit community we've become. While we enjoyed every minute of doing it, we never lost sight that it was FOR all of you and ABOUT all of you. @AutumnTheDoxie and I have so many to thank, and we will do this in a seperate dedicated blog, but our committee was first rate. We will do this every year, and next year plan to have a lot more public input into the nominees by having a multi-stage vote.

We will also continue to honor Anipals and their Humans that have special talents several times throughout the year, just like @SeattleP (Jeego) and @MaggieTKat did at the Friday night #NipClub special Red Carpet Pre-Pawty.

Most of all we'd like to thank you for the donations to our Charity for Animal Cancer Research. We hit 130% of our goal, and because of an anonymous benefactor at the Research Institute, our donations will receive matching funds, so, in effect we raised over $2600 for animal cancer research. Thank you all!!!!!

So many of our friends suffer from cancer and related illnesses, @MulderCat for example, and @BuzzLucas who has been spared because of treatments developed through research. And so many have moved on to Rainbow Bridge because of this disease. My own brofur @_Bill_The_Cat and my lovely lady @DCKitty and  so  many more. It's an Honor and tribute to these great friends that we can help fund ending this horrible disease. Thanks so much for helping

I love you all, 

Tiger Tommy ( @TheNascarKitty )

and now a recap of this years big winners!

All these can be seen as printable stills avalible at AnipalsAwards1 on Twitpic

















Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Here's the BEST way to watch to Anipal Academy Awards Show!!!!!

As you know, the Anipal Academy Awards Ceremony will take place during the July 17th PawPawty. Most of you already  know that Pawty's work best on TweetGrid or TweetDeck.  These Twitter client programs let you search for specific hashtags and Pawty with Anipals you don't normally follow and would not see on your twitter timeline.

We have produced our Awards Ceremony to fit into pawpawty with a SEPERATE hashtag which will allow comments by the Master's of Ceremonies, the Awards Presenters, and accompanying photos and video to play in a sperate dialog box, while anipals still pawty in the normal way at the same time.

For those of you who already use TweetDeck or TweetGrid here's the hashtags you should keep active: #pawpawty   AND  #aaac.  Search both these hashtags and you will be Pawtying your tail off in no time.

We do ask that you dont use the #aaac hastag on your tweets, and try to remove it from retweets. Please. Thanks.

For those of you new to TweetGrid here's a quick tutorial.  Go to Http:// then when you are there, click on the Tab that reads  1 by 3. This will open three windows on your screen. On the top of each window is a dialog box you can enter text into. On the FAR LEFT one, enter the word pawpawty and click on search. This will show you EVERYONE that is pawtying.

In the MIDDLE BOX enter the letters aaac and this will be the screen where you watch the ceremony unfold.

In the RIGHT BOX enter your twitter name without the "@". For example, I would type TheNascarKitty. This will be your quick reference box, where you can see Tweets directed at you.

ABOVE the three boxes there is a Dialog box where you can enter your email Username and Login, and also the hashtag pawpawty. When you tweet from this box it automatically adds that Pawty hashtag.

It's pretty easy. But if you are nervous why not practice early , like at #NipClub on Friday night. (see schedule below).

AnipalAcademyAwards/Pawpawty/NipClub Schedule: July 16 and 17, 2010
JULY 16th Friday:
#NipClub opens at 2 pm EDT (US) Dancing, music, and of course the Red Carpet fashion show to show off your swanky pawty attire to our Runway PawParazzi .

Around 7 pm MaggieTKat will begin presenting special honors and awards to Anipal Authors and Artists.   Throughout the night we will give out a LOT of fun awards to anipals too.

The #nipclub pawty will continue until Midnight.

JULY 17th Saturday:
2:00 pm (EDT) Pawpawty starts. Dance, Pawty, and spend more time walking the red carpet showing off. 

4:00pm : The Awards Ceremony begins with the winners of the Photo/video contest being announced, followed by a Tune by the Shibbering Cheetos. Right after the Cheetos, we will give away the 13 main awards, and a few special surprise honors. 

6:00pm: Shibbering Cheetos CONCERT!!!!! 

7:00pm: PepiSmartDog presents the program honoring our OVER THE RAINBOW BRIDGE friends. This will last an hour. 

Spend the rest of the weekend pawtying your tail off. 

Dont forget to visit @JavaTheCat's Zazzle Store for souvenir t-shirts, hats, bags, etc. and please donate to the Charity which funds Animal Cancer Research.

And Most of all: HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

SOUVENIR custom Magnet of your own Pal at The Anipal Awards

SOUVENIR custom Magnet of your own Pal at The Anipal Academy Awards !

$8.50 (+post) All items are hand made by @no_crybaby_doGs and are guaranteed high quality products.

Pals will have their hair combed and phoofed up; lots will even be in evening gowns and tuxedos ! BOL !

It is the night of nights to go all out with styling ! Imagine your face, looking fabulous, reminding your Staff how very cute and incredibly handsome your really are ! BOL ! ( you will get no end of treats ! BOL !)

The Magnets are very high quality, beautifully made and truly stunning. They also make great gifts ! I can personally guarantee you will love your Magnets. My Mum has some of me, on the fridge ! As you walk down the Red Carpet, the puparazzi and the kiterazzi will be collecting your photographs. ("Sparklicious" will also have his Pawparazzi there too.) All you have to do is tell us how many Magnets you would like - we will already have your photograph !

@no_crybaby_doGs also makes magnificent Custom made Greeting Cards. The custom made cards are purrfect for Friendship, Thanksgiving, Xmas, Birthdays, Easter; any occasion at all ! With all of @no_crybaby_doGs items, you can order any item with any picture you want. Please take time to talk to either @no_crybaby_doGs or myself ; I will be happy to pass on all orders and messages.

Ordering SOUVENIR Magnets and Greeting Cards is a great opportunity to have high quality items made with pictures of YOU ! Order now ! If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to ask either @no_crybaby_doGs or myself, @PepiSmartDog. xoxoxoxxo

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dates and Tentative Times!!!!!

OMC!!!!! We can finally tell you the GREAT news!!!! We've teamed up with the great @FrugalDougal and #PawPawty to hold our Ceremony!!! And it's grown so big that we're going to stretch it over 2 days!!!!

On July 16th #NipClub has kindly offered to open on a special day to hold our Red Carpet Fashion Show. It'll begin mid afternoon (US Eastern Time) and go into the evening. Anipals can show off their haute-couture fashion wear on our Red Carpet. Complete with several cutting edge Red Carpet reporters!!  That evening we'll also be honoring Anipals Authors and Artists with a presentation by the lovely and gracious @MaggieTKat!!

Several other fun Awards will be given out that night...including Most Creative Use of Nudity As A Life Style And also As an ArtForm, and other fun awards.

Then on Saturday July 17th, about 3 hours into #PawPawty, we will begin our ceremony. For best viewing please get used to using If you are NOT used to tweetgrid, we will have a tutorial here, and our staff will help you anytime. We'll start with the Video/Photo awards, then get right into the Academy Awards. (There will be a special musical performance or two from @TheShibberingCheetos).

After all the Awards are handed out, we'll spend about 2 hours pawtying and congratulating the winners and then @MarioDaCat will help @PepiSmartDog open the hour long tribute to OverTheRainbowBridge.

Thanks for all of your support. This will be an annual event, and we will hold several honors events throughout the year for special anipals, and the Academy Awards every summer.


Tiger Tommy, @TheNascarKitty

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thank you!

The Anipal Academy Awards Committee would like to say a big fat THANK YOU to all you anipals and hoomans who participated in the voting and contest. 
The results are going to be tallied during the upcoming month. There is A LOT of "behind the scenes" action going on right now. Everybody is scurrying around the academy building abuzz with anticipation.....

In July there will be an awards show and after pawty. (Complete with green carpet arrivals for ALL anipals who attend so I hope you have all been shopping!) 

Until then follow here and on twitter at

Friday, May 28, 2010



You can still make it!! We have pawlice escorts standing by, ready to be dispatched to ensure your safe and speedy arrival. 
SO HURRY!! Send your photo/video entry to

Sunday, May 9, 2010


It's time to vote. We have a SEPERATE dedicated voting site. It can be found at . There are tabs on top to take you to the page you want.

For the main voting page, you can scroll through each catagory and pick the nominee you like. Check that nominee and click vote. There are also 3 Anipal Choice Catagories. On those, you just type in the Twitter name of the anipal you like and hit send. There is also a write in section for amy anipals you wish to nominate for ANY catagory. Simply type the twitter name and the catagory and send.

If you feel like sending in a photo of ANY anipal you are voting for, in any catagory, we'll add it to the slide show, & possible to the picture page. Please send these to: and put the subject line PHOTO. If you wish to write an explanation why you voted for an anipal, we'd love to hear, and maybe publish it too.

Below this post, you'll see another about the OVER THE RAINBOW BRIDGE voting. This is entirely open voting. Submit ANY anipal at Rainbow Bridge. Even if they're not on Twitter.

To aid you, we've put a list of 0 plus of the more active RainbowBridge tweeters over on the right hand side.

Thanks for voting. Please ask friends to get involved.

Tiger Tommy (@TheNascarKitty ) Event-ChairKitty.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Important info on Rainbow Bridge polls!

Twitter Welcomes us to join their Anipal Academy Awards.
*everyone throw their toys in the air in Celebration !*
Woot ! Woot !
Twitter PalsFriends Brofursand Sisfurs and even Cousins !
If you know someone Over The Rainbow Bridge, it's time to Honor them

We want to give some insight behind the concept of the Rainbow Bridge Polls! These are Open Poll only, meaning anipals are free to submit ANYONE AT RAINBOW BRIDGE for nomination instead of voting for the committee selections. We'd also like to invite anipals and their hoomans to send us the following info via email:

- note the submission is for the rainbow bridge in the email title
- twitter name of the anipal (if NOT on Twitter, please list a Tweeter to contact about them if necessary. )
- photo(s) of the anipal and the reason you love the photo.
NOTE: You may send photos to honour ANY RB pals. The photos you submit do not have to be connected to a vote they can just be to commemorate someone you love. You do not need to send in a photo for your vote to count however if you have one that's pawfect!
Please send the above info to the Anipal Academy Awards Executive Director:

We will be making up a separate page for all the Rainbow Bridge nominees so we may all enjoy and celebrate each other. *UPDATE* Here is the link for the Rainbow Bridge page:

Thank you much!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

New NOMINEE Page!!

We've added a new page to introduce the nominees, provide a picture and their Twitter bios. We will introduce the nominees one catagory at a time over the next week or so. Right now the Coolest Cat nominees are up.

Other catagories will be up soon. Please check often.

Voting begins in all catagories AND in the Rainbow Bridge section, May 6, 2010. Please look for links here on this blog, and watch twitter. Follow @AnipalAwards to make sure you get the link.


A few days ago I mentioned the new exciting ANIPALS CHOICE CATAGORIES we were adding. That's right! YOU get to choose the winner from ALL the anipals in the world!!! We have three exciting catagories and I've asked our dear friend, and the committees Head Comedy Writer, @RosieAndCheeto to explain the catagories to you: Take it away Cheeto!!!

The first catagorie is ANIPAL CHOICE FAVORITE ANIPAL Award. Are yoo having trouble deciding? Close yer furry, or feathury, eyes and think of the one anipal yoo would most like to spend an afturnoon nomming yer treats with on a deserted island. Have an anipal in mind...well, THAT'S yer favorite anipal!

The second catagorie is fur the anipal who gets yer belly jiggling with quick, witty responses. Yoo know, the one who that gives yer abs (or in some cases flubber) a work out from laffing & laffing. Yes, that's right, it's the ANIPALS CHOICE GIGGLE INSTIGATOR AWARD!

The last catagorie is fur the anipal that not onlie has grate tweets but thay have an super-duper-fabulous blog too! So think real hard about the tweeter/blogger that yoo want to be ANIPALS CHOICE FAVORITE BLOGGER and cast yer vote

We wrote this in owr PTU's (Prizzoner Transport Units) while on a car ride so we hopes they dont seem grumpy...but we ARE grumpy!....Somebody rescu us!!

Rosie&Cheeto....currently in lock up under gard. MMWWRRRARR!!!!!!!!!!!

Photo and Video Submissions have their own pages!

Hello Anipals!
Based on feedback we've created separate pages for photos and videos! The links are just under the title of our blog! Make sure you check them out! All the submissions are very cool!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's So CLOSE!!!!!!!!! VOTING TIME IS NEAR!!!!!!

The excitement levels are rising!! It's nearly time to start voting. 10 catagories of Academy Nominated anipals!! 3 catagories of ANIPAL CHOICE open voting!! A special Rainbow Bridge honors section of voting.

The next big step in this fantastic event is near. It's up to you now.

Watch here, and on Twitter (follow @AnipalAwards) to see when the polls open.

Please be fair, and just vote once, but please get all your anipal friends to vote too.

And start getting your formal wear ready for the Gala Event of the year, coming in July, the Anipal Academy Awards Pawty, featuring a pre-show "green carpet" to show off your Formal attire, and be seen! The Awards ceremony, being help with AudioVisual on TweetGrid, and of course the huge afterpawty!!!!

You dont wanna miss this...stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!

Tiger Tommy ( @theNascarKitty)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Info on Voting!

The hard-working nomination committees have completed their reports and we are getting the voting site set up. In just a few short days, you will be able to go vote in all 13 catagories!!!
It is now up to you. we've come up with quality nominees, but there are so many, that if you feel we missed one, you can also do a write-in vote.
Three of the Catagories are
ANIPAL CHOICE with no nominees, but a pure open vote.
Voting will continue probably into early June, but we ask that each of you vote just ONCE per catagory. Let's keep it honest and fair.
And on that Note: Cheeto from @RosieAndCheeto has a message for you voters:
1. Put yer right paw on yer favorite toy

2. Put yer left paw as high up in the air as possible

3. Repeat outloud aftur me: "I do solomly swear as a fellow anipal TO ONLY VOTE ONCE in each category"

Penalty fur violating these rules and voting more than once in each categorie will result in the following:

Thank you very much fur yer trust and cooperation. @RosieAndCheeto.

So, as you can see, the next step is up to you anipals. We appreciate your participation, and really look forward to the Glamourous Gala Ceremony that will be held in JULY followed by a huge AfterPawty.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Exciting News!!!!!

Hi fans. Thanks for the huge swell of support for this years AnipalAcademyAwards.

I'd like to spend a few moments talking about the nominating process we used this year.

After we decided we could really do this, myself, @AutumnTheDoxie (EventChair Doggy) and @SeattleP (Jeego- Adminstrative Executive and Event Co-Chair) picked some anipals we knew had a lot of knowledge of other anipals, and great creativity. After a long online conference we had picked our categories, seperated into three committees and all went to start researching who to nominate by spending hours watching interactions at Pawty's, on Twitter etc.

Because we know that there are so many of you out there that deserve nominations, we also decided that each catagory needed a "Write-In Vote" section.

The Nominating committees are:
For Kittehs:
SeattleP (committee chair)

For Doggys:
AutumnTheDoxie (committee Chair)

For OTHERS (includes all non-dog/kitteh species-andstuffed anipals)
BunnyJeanCook (committee Chair)

There will also be a Rainbow Bridge segment of awards, and we are just letting PepiSmartDog run wild with that, helping him where we can.

This year we are adding three new catagories that will be Anipal Choice Awards with no nominees, just public voting!!!!

AND next year we will start sooner and have open voting polls to find nominees for ALL categories. Then another vote for the winner.

And now it's up to YOU!!!
In the next few days we will be done with our nomination process and announce all the nominees. THEN it is up to ALL of you anipals to go to the VOTING SITE we will announce and pick the winners!!

The Winners will be announced at the huge Anipal Academy Awards Ceremony Pawty held on TweetGrid with celebrity guests, Audio-Visual , etc. INCLUDING a Pre-Ceremony "GreenCarpet" show to show off your formal wear (Please refer back to the info blog by RosieAndCheeton on dressing for the show) AND a huge AFTERPAWTY with a concert by the Shibbering Cheetos, fine food and drink, DJ's, and a Charity Site to donate to ANIMAL CANCER RESEARCH.

The date of the ceremony is still TBD, but voting will start in the next week!!!!

Thanks to all my committee members, The Anipal Times, FrugalDougal, PepiSmartDog, and to all of you anipals who are making this event possible.



Thursday, April 29, 2010

Award Categories & a Video / Photo Contest!

Let me tell you what’s happening next week everyone!!! There are 2 parts to the Anipal Academy Awards:

1) The first part is the PUBLIC VOTE

You’ll be able to vote in 10 categories:

1. Coolest cat

2. Coolest dog

3. Coolest other

4. Coolest hooman

5. Funniest over all

6. Kind hearted

7. Most creative

8. Best avatar

9. Coolest newbie

10. Most likely to take over the world
OR: You can write in your choice

2) The second part of the awards is the VIDEO / PHOTO CONTEST

Anyone can submit a video or photo for consideration. These submissions will be judged by our celebrity judges: @Boriskitty, @BZTAT, @MizzBassie, @Puppyaguineapig, @ShibberingC and @Zackrabbit.

Categories for the video / photo awards include:
- Best Action Sequence
- Best stills photography
- Best Camera Man or Woman
- Worst Performance in a Video
- Best Props department
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Develop Yer Own Fashion Style

The BIG evening is coming up in the next cupple of months and YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WARE!!! This is a problum, a BIG problem. What do yoo do? Here are some suggestions…

Mite we suggest yoo go with the classik monkie suit Cheeto is modeling here. My monkie suit was done by the famous designur Senor fotoshop. I’m sure many anipals will be wearing his suits and dresses this year.


If yoo don’t have Senor Fotoshop on speed-dial mite we suggest yoo go an alternate route. Rosie is modeling an owtfit from a new, up-in-coming designur named Ms. FaceinHole. She doesn’t charge and all yoo need is a jpg picture of yerself.

Last but not leest yoo can ultilize yer closet to come up with the very hottest fashions! Owr good friend @DaisyTheCat has a vary popular blog and she regularlie dresses up in fancy stuff. Here she is modeling a leapard owtfit. Please note: she has been modeling fur years so she is a pro!

Always remember, Nothing is more importunt than style….except fur food, making stinkies, getting loved by yer hyooman, sleeping and ruff-housing.

Have a grate time getting dressed up fur this spektacular event!
-Rosie and Cheeto