How to follow and pawty at the Anipal Awards

There are 2 hashtags for the event:

Please read below to get the 411 on how to use both hashtags.

This hashtag should be used to follow each ceremony. The presenters and Anipal Awards staff will be using this hashtag to tweet. Please only follow along and do not tweet using this hashtag

This is the pawty hashtag. It will be used all weekend by everyone, pawty goers and staff alike. While watching a ceremony if you would like to comment or send a howl out to a furend please use this hashtag

We recommend using Tweetdeck or Hootsuite to follow the events over the weekend. They can be set up to show twit pic links without leaving the app. Please see below for a how-to with pictures included

If you are using tweetdeck you'll want to set up one column for #AAAC to follow the ceremonies and another #NIPCLUB to pawty with. 

Note the boxes to have photo links open in the web browser is unchecked. If you leave the app to view a photo you'll miss important parts of the ceremony! 

Hootsuite can be set up similarly to tweetdeck. One column for #AAAC and another for #NIPCLUB

If you have any questions about following the pawty or using Tweetdeck or Hootsuite please don't hesitate to ask @AnipalAwards or any of the #Nipclub or #AAAC