Friday, May 28, 2010



You can still make it!! We have pawlice escorts standing by, ready to be dispatched to ensure your safe and speedy arrival. 
SO HURRY!! Send your photo/video entry to

Sunday, May 9, 2010


It's time to vote. We have a SEPERATE dedicated voting site. It can be found at . There are tabs on top to take you to the page you want.

For the main voting page, you can scroll through each catagory and pick the nominee you like. Check that nominee and click vote. There are also 3 Anipal Choice Catagories. On those, you just type in the Twitter name of the anipal you like and hit send. There is also a write in section for amy anipals you wish to nominate for ANY catagory. Simply type the twitter name and the catagory and send.

If you feel like sending in a photo of ANY anipal you are voting for, in any catagory, we'll add it to the slide show, & possible to the picture page. Please send these to: and put the subject line PHOTO. If you wish to write an explanation why you voted for an anipal, we'd love to hear, and maybe publish it too.

Below this post, you'll see another about the OVER THE RAINBOW BRIDGE voting. This is entirely open voting. Submit ANY anipal at Rainbow Bridge. Even if they're not on Twitter.

To aid you, we've put a list of 0 plus of the more active RainbowBridge tweeters over on the right hand side.

Thanks for voting. Please ask friends to get involved.

Tiger Tommy (@TheNascarKitty ) Event-ChairKitty.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Important info on Rainbow Bridge polls!

Twitter Welcomes us to join their Anipal Academy Awards.
*everyone throw their toys in the air in Celebration !*
Woot ! Woot !
Twitter PalsFriends Brofursand Sisfurs and even Cousins !
If you know someone Over The Rainbow Bridge, it's time to Honor them

We want to give some insight behind the concept of the Rainbow Bridge Polls! These are Open Poll only, meaning anipals are free to submit ANYONE AT RAINBOW BRIDGE for nomination instead of voting for the committee selections. We'd also like to invite anipals and their hoomans to send us the following info via email:

- note the submission is for the rainbow bridge in the email title
- twitter name of the anipal (if NOT on Twitter, please list a Tweeter to contact about them if necessary. )
- photo(s) of the anipal and the reason you love the photo.
NOTE: You may send photos to honour ANY RB pals. The photos you submit do not have to be connected to a vote they can just be to commemorate someone you love. You do not need to send in a photo for your vote to count however if you have one that's pawfect!
Please send the above info to the Anipal Academy Awards Executive Director:

We will be making up a separate page for all the Rainbow Bridge nominees so we may all enjoy and celebrate each other. *UPDATE* Here is the link for the Rainbow Bridge page:

Thank you much!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

New NOMINEE Page!!

We've added a new page to introduce the nominees, provide a picture and their Twitter bios. We will introduce the nominees one catagory at a time over the next week or so. Right now the Coolest Cat nominees are up.

Other catagories will be up soon. Please check often.

Voting begins in all catagories AND in the Rainbow Bridge section, May 6, 2010. Please look for links here on this blog, and watch twitter. Follow @AnipalAwards to make sure you get the link.


A few days ago I mentioned the new exciting ANIPALS CHOICE CATAGORIES we were adding. That's right! YOU get to choose the winner from ALL the anipals in the world!!! We have three exciting catagories and I've asked our dear friend, and the committees Head Comedy Writer, @RosieAndCheeto to explain the catagories to you: Take it away Cheeto!!!

The first catagorie is ANIPAL CHOICE FAVORITE ANIPAL Award. Are yoo having trouble deciding? Close yer furry, or feathury, eyes and think of the one anipal yoo would most like to spend an afturnoon nomming yer treats with on a deserted island. Have an anipal in mind...well, THAT'S yer favorite anipal!

The second catagorie is fur the anipal who gets yer belly jiggling with quick, witty responses. Yoo know, the one who that gives yer abs (or in some cases flubber) a work out from laffing & laffing. Yes, that's right, it's the ANIPALS CHOICE GIGGLE INSTIGATOR AWARD!

The last catagorie is fur the anipal that not onlie has grate tweets but thay have an super-duper-fabulous blog too! So think real hard about the tweeter/blogger that yoo want to be ANIPALS CHOICE FAVORITE BLOGGER and cast yer vote

We wrote this in owr PTU's (Prizzoner Transport Units) while on a car ride so we hopes they dont seem grumpy...but we ARE grumpy!....Somebody rescu us!!

Rosie&Cheeto....currently in lock up under gard. MMWWRRRARR!!!!!!!!!!!

Photo and Video Submissions have their own pages!

Hello Anipals!
Based on feedback we've created separate pages for photos and videos! The links are just under the title of our blog! Make sure you check them out! All the submissions are very cool!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's So CLOSE!!!!!!!!! VOTING TIME IS NEAR!!!!!!

The excitement levels are rising!! It's nearly time to start voting. 10 catagories of Academy Nominated anipals!! 3 catagories of ANIPAL CHOICE open voting!! A special Rainbow Bridge honors section of voting.

The next big step in this fantastic event is near. It's up to you now.

Watch here, and on Twitter (follow @AnipalAwards) to see when the polls open.

Please be fair, and just vote once, but please get all your anipal friends to vote too.

And start getting your formal wear ready for the Gala Event of the year, coming in July, the Anipal Academy Awards Pawty, featuring a pre-show "green carpet" to show off your Formal attire, and be seen! The Awards ceremony, being help with AudioVisual on TweetGrid, and of course the huge afterpawty!!!!

You dont wanna miss this...stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!

Tiger Tommy ( @theNascarKitty)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Info on Voting!

The hard-working nomination committees have completed their reports and we are getting the voting site set up. In just a few short days, you will be able to go vote in all 13 catagories!!!
It is now up to you. we've come up with quality nominees, but there are so many, that if you feel we missed one, you can also do a write-in vote.
Three of the Catagories are
ANIPAL CHOICE with no nominees, but a pure open vote.
Voting will continue probably into early June, but we ask that each of you vote just ONCE per catagory. Let's keep it honest and fair.
And on that Note: Cheeto from @RosieAndCheeto has a message for you voters:
1. Put yer right paw on yer favorite toy

2. Put yer left paw as high up in the air as possible

3. Repeat outloud aftur me: "I do solomly swear as a fellow anipal TO ONLY VOTE ONCE in each category"

Penalty fur violating these rules and voting more than once in each categorie will result in the following:

Thank you very much fur yer trust and cooperation. @RosieAndCheeto.

So, as you can see, the next step is up to you anipals. We appreciate your participation, and really look forward to the Glamourous Gala Ceremony that will be held in JULY followed by a huge AfterPawty.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Exciting News!!!!!

Hi fans. Thanks for the huge swell of support for this years AnipalAcademyAwards.

I'd like to spend a few moments talking about the nominating process we used this year.

After we decided we could really do this, myself, @AutumnTheDoxie (EventChair Doggy) and @SeattleP (Jeego- Adminstrative Executive and Event Co-Chair) picked some anipals we knew had a lot of knowledge of other anipals, and great creativity. After a long online conference we had picked our categories, seperated into three committees and all went to start researching who to nominate by spending hours watching interactions at Pawty's, on Twitter etc.

Because we know that there are so many of you out there that deserve nominations, we also decided that each catagory needed a "Write-In Vote" section.

The Nominating committees are:
For Kittehs:
SeattleP (committee chair)

For Doggys:
AutumnTheDoxie (committee Chair)

For OTHERS (includes all non-dog/kitteh species-andstuffed anipals)
BunnyJeanCook (committee Chair)

There will also be a Rainbow Bridge segment of awards, and we are just letting PepiSmartDog run wild with that, helping him where we can.

This year we are adding three new catagories that will be Anipal Choice Awards with no nominees, just public voting!!!!

AND next year we will start sooner and have open voting polls to find nominees for ALL categories. Then another vote for the winner.

And now it's up to YOU!!!
In the next few days we will be done with our nomination process and announce all the nominees. THEN it is up to ALL of you anipals to go to the VOTING SITE we will announce and pick the winners!!

The Winners will be announced at the huge Anipal Academy Awards Ceremony Pawty held on TweetGrid with celebrity guests, Audio-Visual , etc. INCLUDING a Pre-Ceremony "GreenCarpet" show to show off your formal wear (Please refer back to the info blog by RosieAndCheeton on dressing for the show) AND a huge AFTERPAWTY with a concert by the Shibbering Cheetos, fine food and drink, DJ's, and a Charity Site to donate to ANIMAL CANCER RESEARCH.

The date of the ceremony is still TBD, but voting will start in the next week!!!!

Thanks to all my committee members, The Anipal Times, FrugalDougal, PepiSmartDog, and to all of you anipals who are making this event possible.