Saturday, October 29, 2011


Well don't yoo wanna know who won the 2011 Anipal Acadamy Awards. Now yoo can!!! There are TWO ways to find out....
  1. Yoo can bribe me with a squillion cans of toona to tell yoo the winners*
  2. Yoo can tune into the official ANIPAL ACADAMY AWARDS the weekend of November 11-13, 2011. Please check back for specific schedule details. They will be posted shortly.
*Note: I did not tally the final votes so I don't akshually KNOW who the winners are but I will nom all the toona yoo try to bribe me with. MRAWR!!!

Posted by Cheeto of @RosieandCheeto

Saturday, October 22, 2011

TIME TO VOTE: General Award and Photo & Video Categories

Based on yer recommendations the official Anipal Award nominations have been selected. Now it's time for yoo to vote for yer favorite in each category.

For General Categories Click HERE
For Photo and Video Categories Click HERE

~Please cast only one vote per category~
Details for the ceremonies and after pawty are coming soon so keep checking back!
Disclaimer: The Anipal Academy Awards are just for fun. Do not feel slighted if you are not nominated or recognized, or if you don't win an award. All anipals are important members of our community and every one of you are appreciated for the crazy animal lovers that you are! We wish we could nominate you all.
*Nomination note: in order for an anipal's nomination to qualify they must receive more than one nomination and be known to at least one committee member. In the event of a tie the committee will vote to break the tie and choose one winner* 
 Please just have fun and enjoy the Awards!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Nominations for general categories are now CLOSED. 
Submission for the photo & Video are now closed also. 

Thank you for participating!! 

Voting polls for general categories will open Oct 21 and Close Oct 28

Monday, October 17, 2011


NOMINATIONS EXTENDED until TOMORROW night at 12am pacific

Make sure to get your last minute nominations in for the general categories. We will be opening voting polls on Friday October 21 and they will close on October 28.

Again, only the general categories are being extended at this time. Submissions for the photo & video contest are closed.

So get off yer furry, or feathery or skinny butt and nominate someone already!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Anipal Achievement Awards

Friday night ceremonies for the Anipal Academy Awards will honor anipals who work very hard to support charities, educate us and help us have fun. Bartenders, dj's, quizzers, and sekurity for #pawpawty and #nipclub will be recognized. The staff from Anipal Times will be thanked. Other examples of anipal achievements are detailed below and I NEED Your Help!

The categories that I need your input are:
1. Artists:  those who use their art to spread the word about anipal rescues. Example is @Bztat.
2. Fundraisers: anipals sponsor pawties or auctions to support anipal rescue efforts. Examples are Shibbering Cheetos, #NipClub, @HemingswayCat for #SpookyShorty
3. Morale Boosters: Something just for fun to lift our spirits like PetChat, CarniePawty
 and WigglePawty.

4. AV Creators: We have a number of anipals and humans
 who make outstanding AV's for us. I can think of @Danapixie,@FreshOtis and @mariodacat.

 If anyone would like to nominate an anipal deserving of an achievement award, please email MaggieTKat. Please include the anipal's name and why they deserve the award.

Anipal Achievement Award Coordinator

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

2011 Awards Kick off!

FINALLY! The time has arrived! 
This year the nominees will be chosen by YOU, the anipal community! 
Nominations are now open for the second annual anipal awards show. The nominations will be open from now until Oct15th with voting on those nominees starting on Oct 16 and ending on Oct 24th. Please visit the polls and cast your nomination by clicking HERE.

 The Ceremony and After pawty will be November 12 & 13

DON"T FORGET! We will be having a photo/video contest again this year. The Anipal Awards committee is delighted to welcome @Cokiethecat as the new director for that program! WELCOME COKIE! Click HERE for the Call for Submissions for Photo & Video categories!