Monday, August 30, 2010

2010 Best Camera Woman Winner

Thank you to the judges: @BorisKitty, @BZTAT, @MizzBassie, @Puppyaguineapig, @ShibberingC and @ZackRabbit! And thank you to everybody who has enjoyed our so far! There’s more on the way! Once we found ourselves dumped into a glass recycling bin. It was very dark and scary out there. Today we’re standing here in the spotlights holding a beautiful award in our paws and receiving unconditional love. We thank mom, Uncle B, Auntie T, our canine Auntie L., our grandpurrents and our furriends! Smoochies to all of you!

Check out their blog at 
They had the very FIRST list of winners up, and still most complete. Thanks grrls!! Congratulations!!

Acceptance Video at:  

2010 Worst Purrformance in a video Winner

Meowzers!  My very own Acceptance Speech! [Person, you taking dictation?] 

*clears throat* (pause) *runs through a few test yowls to warm up voice*  MIMIMIMIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! 
*taps mike* (Person: Ryker, stop it. That really gets on the audio tech's nerves. Trust me on this.)
*glares at Person* (pause) *turns back on Person and studiously IGNORES her* (Sighhhh...good help, SO hard to find these days!)


"Thanks you, thanks you... it's such an honor to be recognized for such an achievement. People think it's easy to win the title, "Worst Purrformance in a Video," but let me tell you, it's taken many long, difficult months' worth of rigorous training and refinement to achieve such a coveted goal!

I have to thank @Allie_Kitti for being my inspiration. She was always there (always, incessantly, omnipresently, ANNOYINGLY there) biting, clawing, pouncing and stalking me...driving me to the height of perfection.
*bows to Allie...from a respectful distance* I think it's fair to say, Allie, that without you there would be no Anipal Academy Award for this Tonk!

To the Academy, who had the Good Taste to see through the surface yowls to the tormented soul that lay beneath such a memorable diatribe and recognize my Star Qualities....I thank you, one and all.

And finally, to my Person. Without your catering to my every whim, indulging me shamelessly and basically spoiling me beyond rotten, I would never have developed such a demanding yowl.  For all the (many) days you worked late and I greeted you with an affronted wail (at the top of my lungs)... for all the occasions where I tested your response time by demanding treats at 120 decibels (whaddaya mean, that's the threshold of pain? Humans. SUCH wimps. Rilly.) ...
I humbly thank you.

Hark! Is that my Agent calling? Must run, my Adoring Fans await...."

<<<>>>> ooooooh! *squeal!* SPOTLIGHTS! Paparazzi! Just what a Girl NEEDS to feel Special and GLAM! *bats eyes and arranges pink toenails for optimum camera angle* Is this my best side, Dame? Is it? Is it? *giggle* 

What? They're not here for MEEEE? This is all for Ryker?!?!? ooooooooooooohhhhhhh.... <<<<>>>>

[Ryker's Person here:  sorry guys, interview's over, gotta go avert- *CRASH! HISS! YOWWWWWWL!* ....disaster.... ] 

Thursday, August 5, 2010

2010 Favourite Other Winner

WOW!! Thank you efurryone!! I am so deeply honoured to be receiving dis award!!

thx2 all of u dat supportd me & encouraged me &
made my crazy creations possible! this if for

Zackary: *choked up w/ tears* I can't express in
140chr how much dis means! Rufus: YOINK!! hee

ALL!! XOXOX  (dis thing is pretty heavy!!)

Anipal's Choice:Favourite Anipal 2010 Winner

this dus be my fifty fowsunf tweet an is egstra prowd mowmunt wot i share wiv my frends. fank yoo .. i luvs yoo al an it dus mayk me eevun mor appy than i always is to aksept award from anipal academy.

 they did lots of ard werk for us al an it wos trooly amayzin. so i say big fank yoo to them an fank yoo to th sponsas aswel for th trowfys for al th winnas.

 aktly we is al winnas cos wivowt al th anipals nun of this wud appun. i share my trowfy wiv yoo al cos yoo dus al be werf it. fank yoo evrrywun.

And the winners are......

And the winners are.....
All of us at the #AAAC would like to say once again congratulations to all of the 2010 winners, nominees, and of course the anipal community. Without all of you none of this would be possible. 
Due to time constraints during the ceremony our winners had to hold onto their acceptance speeches...We would like to thank them for their patience and understanding. We will be posting their photo’s and acceptance speeches here on our blog and on our facebook page.