Monday, July 19, 2010

Thanks Anipal Community for a Smashing Success!

This years Anipal Academy Awards Ceremony is in the books. The Red Carpet is rolled up, the auditorium is empty, the anipals are all at home relaxing. But the good feelings, camaraderie, fun, live on. 

Our organization was put together to honor all Anipals and the close knit community we've become. While we enjoyed every minute of doing it, we never lost sight that it was FOR all of you and ABOUT all of you. @AutumnTheDoxie and I have so many to thank, and we will do this in a seperate dedicated blog, but our committee was first rate. We will do this every year, and next year plan to have a lot more public input into the nominees by having a multi-stage vote.

We will also continue to honor Anipals and their Humans that have special talents several times throughout the year, just like @SeattleP (Jeego) and @MaggieTKat did at the Friday night #NipClub special Red Carpet Pre-Pawty.

Most of all we'd like to thank you for the donations to our Charity for Animal Cancer Research. We hit 130% of our goal, and because of an anonymous benefactor at the Research Institute, our donations will receive matching funds, so, in effect we raised over $2600 for animal cancer research. Thank you all!!!!!

So many of our friends suffer from cancer and related illnesses, @MulderCat for example, and @BuzzLucas who has been spared because of treatments developed through research. And so many have moved on to Rainbow Bridge because of this disease. My own brofur @_Bill_The_Cat and my lovely lady @DCKitty and  so  many more. It's an Honor and tribute to these great friends that we can help fund ending this horrible disease. Thanks so much for helping

I love you all, 

Tiger Tommy ( @TheNascarKitty )

and now a recap of this years big winners!

All these can be seen as printable stills avalible at AnipalsAwards1 on Twitpic

















Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Here's the BEST way to watch to Anipal Academy Awards Show!!!!!

As you know, the Anipal Academy Awards Ceremony will take place during the July 17th PawPawty. Most of you already  know that Pawty's work best on TweetGrid or TweetDeck.  These Twitter client programs let you search for specific hashtags and Pawty with Anipals you don't normally follow and would not see on your twitter timeline.

We have produced our Awards Ceremony to fit into pawpawty with a SEPERATE hashtag which will allow comments by the Master's of Ceremonies, the Awards Presenters, and accompanying photos and video to play in a sperate dialog box, while anipals still pawty in the normal way at the same time.

For those of you who already use TweetDeck or TweetGrid here's the hashtags you should keep active: #pawpawty   AND  #aaac.  Search both these hashtags and you will be Pawtying your tail off in no time.

We do ask that you dont use the #aaac hastag on your tweets, and try to remove it from retweets. Please. Thanks.

For those of you new to TweetGrid here's a quick tutorial.  Go to Http:// then when you are there, click on the Tab that reads  1 by 3. This will open three windows on your screen. On the top of each window is a dialog box you can enter text into. On the FAR LEFT one, enter the word pawpawty and click on search. This will show you EVERYONE that is pawtying.

In the MIDDLE BOX enter the letters aaac and this will be the screen where you watch the ceremony unfold.

In the RIGHT BOX enter your twitter name without the "@". For example, I would type TheNascarKitty. This will be your quick reference box, where you can see Tweets directed at you.

ABOVE the three boxes there is a Dialog box where you can enter your email Username and Login, and also the hashtag pawpawty. When you tweet from this box it automatically adds that Pawty hashtag.

It's pretty easy. But if you are nervous why not practice early , like at #NipClub on Friday night. (see schedule below).

AnipalAcademyAwards/Pawpawty/NipClub Schedule: July 16 and 17, 2010
JULY 16th Friday:
#NipClub opens at 2 pm EDT (US) Dancing, music, and of course the Red Carpet fashion show to show off your swanky pawty attire to our Runway PawParazzi .

Around 7 pm MaggieTKat will begin presenting special honors and awards to Anipal Authors and Artists.   Throughout the night we will give out a LOT of fun awards to anipals too.

The #nipclub pawty will continue until Midnight.

JULY 17th Saturday:
2:00 pm (EDT) Pawpawty starts. Dance, Pawty, and spend more time walking the red carpet showing off. 

4:00pm : The Awards Ceremony begins with the winners of the Photo/video contest being announced, followed by a Tune by the Shibbering Cheetos. Right after the Cheetos, we will give away the 13 main awards, and a few special surprise honors. 

6:00pm: Shibbering Cheetos CONCERT!!!!! 

7:00pm: PepiSmartDog presents the program honoring our OVER THE RAINBOW BRIDGE friends. This will last an hour. 

Spend the rest of the weekend pawtying your tail off. 

Dont forget to visit @JavaTheCat's Zazzle Store for souvenir t-shirts, hats, bags, etc. and please donate to the Charity which funds Animal Cancer Research.

And Most of all: HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

SOUVENIR custom Magnet of your own Pal at The Anipal Awards

SOUVENIR custom Magnet of your own Pal at The Anipal Academy Awards !

$8.50 (+post) All items are hand made by @no_crybaby_doGs and are guaranteed high quality products.

Pals will have their hair combed and phoofed up; lots will even be in evening gowns and tuxedos ! BOL !

It is the night of nights to go all out with styling ! Imagine your face, looking fabulous, reminding your Staff how very cute and incredibly handsome your really are ! BOL ! ( you will get no end of treats ! BOL !)

The Magnets are very high quality, beautifully made and truly stunning. They also make great gifts ! I can personally guarantee you will love your Magnets. My Mum has some of me, on the fridge ! As you walk down the Red Carpet, the puparazzi and the kiterazzi will be collecting your photographs. ("Sparklicious" will also have his Pawparazzi there too.) All you have to do is tell us how many Magnets you would like - we will already have your photograph !

@no_crybaby_doGs also makes magnificent Custom made Greeting Cards. The custom made cards are purrfect for Friendship, Thanksgiving, Xmas, Birthdays, Easter; any occasion at all ! With all of @no_crybaby_doGs items, you can order any item with any picture you want. Please take time to talk to either @no_crybaby_doGs or myself ; I will be happy to pass on all orders and messages.

Ordering SOUVENIR Magnets and Greeting Cards is a great opportunity to have high quality items made with pictures of YOU ! Order now ! If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to ask either @no_crybaby_doGs or myself, @PepiSmartDog. xoxoxoxxo