Friday, October 1, 2010

2010 Funniest & Anipal's Choice Giggle Instigator Winner

We are so honored to receive such a grate honor from such honorable anipals! 

Furst off, we'd like to thank all the voters who pushed "Vote" fur us with thare paws, beaks, noses, claws and nubbins. Yoo all will be furst on the list of opposable protetik thumb beta testers.

Sekondlie, we'd like to thank the acatamy fur making this the best day we've evur had! Yoo all really owtdid yerself and raised a squillion dollars fur a grate cause!

Lastlie, we'd like to thank owr momma who got boinked by owr daddy and gave burth to us next to an apartment complex pool in Miami. Withowt yer promisquety we would have nevur be borned.

Thank yoo! Thank yoo! Thank yoo!


  1. Dis akseptance meow iz pawsume! MOL MOL Congrats RosieandCheeto!

  2. Congratulations! :) Very glad for u.

  3. Congrats!! Well deserved that's for sure!!

  4. Congratulations - you are so very funny. Twitter wouldn't be the same without your great sense of humor and quit wit.

  5. Aww, thank yoo all fur yer kind comments! It makes us feel vary good inside...the same feeling we get when we nom a squillion treats.

    Ms Hanna- Wull explain to yoo what boinked is. It's when a momma's tummy gets real big and full of treats. Then the stork comes and drops off a littul kitteh in exchange fur the treats.

  6. This picture is a riot!! You could be a TV star with face!