Thursday, May 6, 2010


A few days ago I mentioned the new exciting ANIPALS CHOICE CATAGORIES we were adding. That's right! YOU get to choose the winner from ALL the anipals in the world!!! We have three exciting catagories and I've asked our dear friend, and the committees Head Comedy Writer, @RosieAndCheeto to explain the catagories to you: Take it away Cheeto!!!

The first catagorie is ANIPAL CHOICE FAVORITE ANIPAL Award. Are yoo having trouble deciding? Close yer furry, or feathury, eyes and think of the one anipal yoo would most like to spend an afturnoon nomming yer treats with on a deserted island. Have an anipal in mind...well, THAT'S yer favorite anipal!

The second catagorie is fur the anipal who gets yer belly jiggling with quick, witty responses. Yoo know, the one who that gives yer abs (or in some cases flubber) a work out from laffing & laffing. Yes, that's right, it's the ANIPALS CHOICE GIGGLE INSTIGATOR AWARD!

The last catagorie is fur the anipal that not onlie has grate tweets but thay have an super-duper-fabulous blog too! So think real hard about the tweeter/blogger that yoo want to be ANIPALS CHOICE FAVORITE BLOGGER and cast yer vote

We wrote this in owr PTU's (Prizzoner Transport Units) while on a car ride so we hopes they dont seem grumpy...but we ARE grumpy!....Somebody rescu us!!

Rosie&Cheeto....currently in lock up under gard. MMWWRRRARR!!!!!!!!!!!