Monday, May 3, 2010

Info on Voting!

The hard-working nomination committees have completed their reports and we are getting the voting site set up. In just a few short days, you will be able to go vote in all 13 catagories!!!
It is now up to you. we've come up with quality nominees, but there are so many, that if you feel we missed one, you can also do a write-in vote.
Three of the Catagories are
ANIPAL CHOICE with no nominees, but a pure open vote.
Voting will continue probably into early June, but we ask that each of you vote just ONCE per catagory. Let's keep it honest and fair.
And on that Note: Cheeto from @RosieAndCheeto has a message for you voters:
1. Put yer right paw on yer favorite toy

2. Put yer left paw as high up in the air as possible

3. Repeat outloud aftur me: "I do solomly swear as a fellow anipal TO ONLY VOTE ONCE in each category"

Penalty fur violating these rules and voting more than once in each categorie will result in the following:

Thank you very much fur yer trust and cooperation. @RosieAndCheeto.

So, as you can see, the next step is up to you anipals. We appreciate your participation, and really look forward to the Glamourous Gala Ceremony that will be held in JULY followed by a huge AfterPawty.


  1. I love your oath - good addition. Nice job done by the entire committee.

  2. Yes voting once is the fair way of finding the real winner, I love the message from Cheeto!