Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's So CLOSE!!!!!!!!! VOTING TIME IS NEAR!!!!!!

The excitement levels are rising!! It's nearly time to start voting. 10 catagories of Academy Nominated anipals!! 3 catagories of ANIPAL CHOICE open voting!! A special Rainbow Bridge honors section of voting.

The next big step in this fantastic event is near. It's up to you now.

Watch here, and on Twitter (follow @AnipalAwards) to see when the polls open.

Please be fair, and just vote once, but please get all your anipal friends to vote too.

And start getting your formal wear ready for the Gala Event of the year, coming in July, the Anipal Academy Awards Pawty, featuring a pre-show "green carpet" to show off your Formal attire, and be seen! The Awards ceremony, being help with AudioVisual on TweetGrid, and of course the huge afterpawty!!!!

You dont wanna miss this...stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!

Tiger Tommy ( @theNascarKitty)


  1. Awww man - it's going to be tough voting cuz I want everyone to win. So many outstanding candidates.

  2. So many lovely pals, it will be tough choosing who to vote for!