Saturday, May 1, 2010

Exciting News!!!!!

Hi fans. Thanks for the huge swell of support for this years AnipalAcademyAwards.

I'd like to spend a few moments talking about the nominating process we used this year.

After we decided we could really do this, myself, @AutumnTheDoxie (EventChair Doggy) and @SeattleP (Jeego- Adminstrative Executive and Event Co-Chair) picked some anipals we knew had a lot of knowledge of other anipals, and great creativity. After a long online conference we had picked our categories, seperated into three committees and all went to start researching who to nominate by spending hours watching interactions at Pawty's, on Twitter etc.

Because we know that there are so many of you out there that deserve nominations, we also decided that each catagory needed a "Write-In Vote" section.

The Nominating committees are:
For Kittehs:
SeattleP (committee chair)

For Doggys:
AutumnTheDoxie (committee Chair)

For OTHERS (includes all non-dog/kitteh species-andstuffed anipals)
BunnyJeanCook (committee Chair)

There will also be a Rainbow Bridge segment of awards, and we are just letting PepiSmartDog run wild with that, helping him where we can.

This year we are adding three new catagories that will be Anipal Choice Awards with no nominees, just public voting!!!!

AND next year we will start sooner and have open voting polls to find nominees for ALL categories. Then another vote for the winner.

And now it's up to YOU!!!
In the next few days we will be done with our nomination process and announce all the nominees. THEN it is up to ALL of you anipals to go to the VOTING SITE we will announce and pick the winners!!

The Winners will be announced at the huge Anipal Academy Awards Ceremony Pawty held on TweetGrid with celebrity guests, Audio-Visual , etc. INCLUDING a Pre-Ceremony "GreenCarpet" show to show off your formal wear (Please refer back to the info blog by RosieAndCheeton on dressing for the show) AND a huge AFTERPAWTY with a concert by the Shibbering Cheetos, fine food and drink, DJ's, and a Charity Site to donate to ANIMAL CANCER RESEARCH.

The date of the ceremony is still TBD, but voting will start in the next week!!!!

Thanks to all my committee members, The Anipal Times, FrugalDougal, PepiSmartDog, and to all of you anipals who are making this event possible.




  1. This is so xciting, you iz rilly doing a terrifik job arranging this fabulous event.

  2. Oh my gosh - this is going to be some gala affair So much fun. Thanks to you and your committee for all your hard work and dedication.